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Shower Doors

Menlo Atherton Shower Door | Menlo Atherton Glass

Shower Doors

We want to make your home beautiful, but also practical. We strike that perfect balance with our glass shower doors. Menlo Atherton Glass is the premier provider of glass shower doors, frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, shower enclosures, and bath enclosures in San Mateo County, the Peninsula, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a wide line of shower doors, shower enclosures, and bath enclosures in many different styles. We can custom fabricate any enclosure to fit your specific needs, and our prices are extremely competitive. 

Basic Structures

We can custom design your glass shower enclosure or bath enclosure. The first major distinction is between frameless and framed enclosures:

  • Frameless Enclosure: constructed of thicker glass, and does not rely on metal frame for support. Typically lasts three to four times longer than a framed door.

  • Framed Enclosure: constructed of thinner glass and utilizes metal to strengthen the enclosure.